San Augustine County, Texas

Emergency Management San Augustine County

The Emergency Management Plan defines who does what, when, where, and how, in order to:

• mitigate the effects of a hazard,

• prepare for measures to be taken which will minimize damage,

• respond during emergencies and provide whatever aid and assistance is necessary,

• establish a recovery system in order to return the community to its normal state of affairs.

We strive to accomplish this through a continuing program of preparation for emergencies, education to the public about preparedness, coordination of emergency response and recovery, and collection and distribution of emergency information.

Emergency Alerting System (EAS)

In an emergency, San Augustine County has the ability to alert its residents by the use of the Emergency Alerting System (EAS). In an emergency situation, programming is interrupted and information is automatically broadcasted via radio stations and all cable television systems to provide verbal and visual emergency information.

San Augustine County Emergency Management Contact List

County Judge: Samye Johnson – Office: (936)275-2762
Mobile: (936)275-7524

City of San Augustine Mayor: Leroy Hughes – Office: (936)275-2121
Mobile: (936)275-7564

City Manager of San Augustine: TBD

City of Broaddus Mayor: Shirley Parker – Office: (936)872-1019
Mobile: (936)596-5935

San Augustine VFD Fire Chief: Charles Sharp   Office: 936-275-2121   Cell: 936-275-6603

Broaddus VFD Fire Chief: Gary Williams – (936)288-1107

Powell Town VFD Fire Chief: Tom Townsend  Office: 936-225-0084  Cell: 936-225-0084

Attoyac Fire VFD Chief: Tommy Nordstrom   Office: 409-584-3190 Cell: 936-465-8614

Denning/New Hope VFD Fire Chief: Troy Hammack – (936)275-3257

San Augustine County Sheriff's Department: (936)275-2424

San Augustine Police Department: (936)275-2384

 Emergency Management

The San Augustine County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, with the mission of providing a safe and secure environment to the residents and businesses of San Augustine County.

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